This is the completion of a three CD series: Mystical Calling (A Journey through all the Chakras); Transcendence (Healing the Injuries of the Lower Three Chakras); Ascending Heart (Awakening the Upper Chakras). Rahbi says: "I continue to use crystal bowls, acoustic instruments as well as vocal sounds, and invite you to sing along. These sounds are layered to create vibrations that resonate with energetic fields to activate integrated healing on all levels. Unlike the first two CDs, this one is stimulating. It encourages further growth, by opening the Heart (Compassion, Forgiveness), Throat (Truth) and Mind (Wisdom,) creating the condition for Union (Crown) in Divine Oneness."

Heart Chakra, Anahata
1. “AUM”, Surrender
2. Love’s Return
3. Summer Heart, resonating with the season of Summer on the sound “ay”
4. “Yang”, Elevating to the Sacred Heart
Throat Chakra, Visuddha
5. Clearance, Features Tibetan Metal Bowls
6. Giving Voice, “ay”
7. Crystalline Voice
8. “Hang”, Elevating to the Sacred Sound
Third Eye Chakra, Ajna
9. Nature, Portal to Wisdom
10. Insight, Winds of Change, “ee”
11. “OM”, Elevating to Sacred Wisdom
Crown Chakra, Sahasrara
12. Life’s Review, A Procession of the Chakras, “mm”
13. “Ogum Satyam Om”, Elevating to Oneness
Bindu Chakra, Sri
14. Homecoming, “ah”

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