Crystal Bowl Transformational Concert

Outdoor House Concert, 5528 Pine Rd, Black Earth, WI

Rahbi will have Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, wooden flutes and Acoustic instruments.  The Crystal bowls awaken the crystalline structures in our entire system and support higher consciousness thoughts, emotional patterns and greater physical well being. This is what it means by raising our frequency or vibration. Because of our interconnectedness, this change in ourselves affect mass consciousness. Join us in this movement to raise consciousness for the betterment of our individual lives, and through our connectedness, the world as a whole!! Rahbi is offering this at a great time not only for each of us but for our World! PLEASE RSVP  COST:$30.00 I would like to keep it outside and in the barn foundation! (Bring your chair) Stop in Cross Plains first as there will be NO RESTROOM AVAILABLE (only for emergency!) IN THE EVENT OF RAIN ETC: it will be held at the Town Of Berry Town Hall on HWY 19 (5 min from my home)