Crystal Bowl Feminine Empowerment Concert

Yoga for Life Studio, Room 105, 500 E. Jefferson Street, Viroqua, WI

 Feminine Empowerment Concerts For the remainder of the year, the focus of my concerts will be on Feminine Empowerment. Musical mystic and awakening facilitator, Rahbi Crawford, will lead the group on a meditation in sound through the energy centers of the body. By using crystal bowls and other acoustic instruments that resonate with the entire nervous system, Rahbi will improvise music that establishes an energy flow most beneficial for women. Starting above the head and playing in descending order through these energy centers, blockages stored in the physical, mental and emotional bodies release allowing the feminine, spiritual nature to embody and restore a greater sense of peace, balance and empowerment. Rahbi first learned of this process from Dr. David Breitbach, an internationally known inspirational healer and teacher, who has discovered through his studies and many years of practice, that women process their energy more effectively when they first embody, this means they are energized by following a descending chakra system.  

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