Rahbi Crawford Concert

Little Falls Franciscan Center, 116 8th Ave. SE, Little Falls, MN

You are invited to attend a Rahbi Crawford concert Saturday, November 16 at 1:00 pm St. Francis Campus, Gathering Space (Enter through the church door on the Southwest side of the building. Enter a hallway that will go past the main church door.  Once past those doors, continue to a hallway and take a left and go down that hallway a bit and the gathering space will be on the left. There might be signs.) $20.00 optional donation to the Meta 5 Displaced Homemaker Program No registration required.  Just be there by 12:45 noon. Music that is designed to offer relief   “Are you stressed, exhausted, sick, fatigued, stuck, out of balance?  My music can help. HOW? By creating a state of consciousness that allows for the greatest brain wave activity.  All pain is remembered in different locations of the brain, even though the injury happened years ago. The brain continues to remind the body in some form of dis-ease or pain. The injury can even be in the form of an accepted belief like, "I'm so stupid". My music addresses all the centers of the brain and nervous system and allows us to change how we feel, providing access to the millions of brain cells that are otherwise dormant.  This is what I mean by raising vibration. There is no limit to our potential. Check it out for yourself.”  "I have given Rahbi's CD to people I work with, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Even those who were initially skeptical or resistant have reported a growing sense of inner peace. Some now listen every day as a centering practice. I'm eager for scientific research to catch up with the anecdotal evidence: music healing really works!" Prudence Tippins, Director The Calliope Center for Reflection and Renewal Viroqua, Wisconsin Rahbi’s concerts are an opportunity to experience music as vibrational or energy medicine. Since everything vibrates, crystal bowls and acoustic instruments can shake up stagnant energy and restore energy flow to mind, body, spirit and emotions.

$20.00 optional donation to the Meta 5 Displaced Homemaker Program