Rahbi’s concerts are an opportunity to experience music as vibrational or energy medicine. Since everything vibrates, crystal bowls and acoustic instruments can shake up stagnant energy and restore energy flow to mind, body, spirit and emotions. 

Music Therapists understand that, when perceiving sound vibrations, all the centers of the brain light up. The brain translates these vibrations into electrical impulses which it then sends throughout the body. Such invigorating brain activity can reverse the affects of stress and stress related pathologies.* 

Rahbi’s music offers invigorating harmonies to reprogram and retrain all systems into a balanced and functioning whole. 

*Biomedical Foundations of Music as Therapy, Dale B. Taylor, MMB Music, inc. 1997  


August 7, 2020

Unite In the Light: A Synesthetic Experience for Healing Global Trauma

October 2, 2020

Unite In the Light

 Since 2019, Concerts were focused on Feminine Empowerment 

 Dr. David Breitbach, an internationally known inspirational healer and teacher, has discovered through his studies and many years of practice, that women process their energy more effectively when they first embody, this means they are energized by following a descending chakra system. 

Playing the crystal bowls in a descending order, through the energy centers in the body, breaks up blockages, reconnects us with our Divine Nature and restores a natural flow of energy. 

Since we have been following a system more beneficial for men, for eons, it is time to help women catch up and take their rightful place in the Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. 

Women leave these concerts greatly energized with a profound sense of peace and well-Being. 

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to claim your power, and all that is required is that you show up and receive.

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