1. Cross of Love

From the recording Cross of Love

Usually, I do not include actual words in my music. However, this is a song that came through me 5 years ago at a very significant time in my life.
It was the tenth anniversary of my mother’s death. She died suddenly of a heart attack. She was the dearest person in my life. Her loss rocked my world and my foundation. I had lost my best friend. Yet, somehow, I could not grieve.
I had also just finished a 3&1/2 year study and practice of, A Course in Miracles. And my dear friend TAT had just shared with me an instrument he made that he based on the Phi ratio.
The instrument consisted of 5 metal spokes arranged in mathematical proportions. When we tapped them from largest to smallest, we got the descending notes, D, B, A, F, back up to A. This pattern totally surprised me. It did not follow the normal wisdom, the larger the instrument, the lower the sound. It was reversed. I also noticed that when I improvised on that sequence, it totally opened my heart. That’s what happened on the tenth anniversary. I was improvising on this pattern and the words just flowed from me. The melody followed shortly after.
As a devote Catholic brought up attending Latin masses, the song does reflect my past, but it is more about my journey to the Heart. Its title, Cross of Love, reflects what I believe the real message of Jesus is; God is Love, we were created from this Love and Love is the only way back. Believe me when I tell you from experience, that this message is impossible to comprehend from a broken spirit. Forgiveness must begin within.


Verse: Am I alone in how I feel? Or do you feel the sorrow too? I can’t explain this sense of loss. It’s not the sanest kind of thought.
Too deep and wide for sanity, the perfect home for hate and greed, The mystic mind appears to sleep, while future hopes we never meet.
Lessons come and go and yet we never, ever seem to learn, If what we give is love, then it is love that comes back in return. OO-------------------------------
Verse: There is a cycle we must break. God help us now before it’s late. To suffer not the pain we cause, deludes the truth and fights God’s Law.
Insanity will keep the vision dim, until we find the light within. Fear, shame and guilt have led the way. Anger and lack seem here to stay.
Chorus: continues to the end Come compassion come, open our hearts to light this barren land. Show us now the way of love, forgiveness, peace let us now pray. OO------------------------------------------------------------
(spoken) continues to the end. come, come, compassion come, come, compassion come, come, compassion come last one: come, come, compassion come, come, compassion come, come, compassion now.
Continues under chorus: Dóminus vobíscum. Et cum spíritu tuo. Alleluia Translates, Peace be with you, and also with you.
Final verse: I’m not alone in how I feel. Let’s heal the Cross of Love and make forgiveness – real.